Hello and welcome!

Looking forward March 31, April 1, 2 to the NY Metro Fest For Beatles Fans! My band Liverpool will be performing all three nights with a full songlist of the Beatles Catalogue!  Sat and Sun immediately after our show, we will be joined by THE HOLLIES TERRY SYLVESTER, BADFINGER'S JOEY MULLOND, playing the hits from these artists. Then we are joined by World Renowned Sax man/musical direcfor MARK RIVERA for Ringo, Billy Joel, Peter Gabriel to name a few for a rock n roll jam you won't forget!

Also, see the calendar for my solo appearances at some new rooms whilst doing steady Wednesday nights at Wild Ginger of Great Neck! Some of these performances will be broadcast LIVE on my Facebook page for those around the world who cannot be here in person!

Thank you so much for your support my comrades and myself in the LIVE music scene!

Peace and Love,





Hello My Lovlies!

I'm happier than ever to return to Chicago with my band house band Liverpool for the 2022 Fest For Beatlesfans! We have some very cool sets lined up for each of the three nights followed by some VIP guests joining us for some very serious rock and roll! Can't wait to see you all again!  To put it simply, Chicago Rocks!

Plus, a little personal surprise on my end...stay tuned!

peace and love, Drew


Roll up, Roll up!

I am happy to say that after a very long and winding road, I am happy to announce that me and my mates from the band Liverpool will be performing three live shows in the NY area, hitting the stage each night for a full spectrum Beatles/solo Beatles show, followed by us backing some celeb rock and roll musical guests to be announced as we move forward! 

I cannot wait to see and perform for you all again! Missing you is putting it mildly!

Peace and love,


www.TheFest.com for more info!



Chicago Fest Postponed Until Further Notice. NY Fest Oct 9-11 Still On... 

Hello My Friends,

Guess you've all heard the Chicago Fest is cancelled till whenever it's safe. Very sad this had to be but I'd much rather see you all healthy when Liverpool does eventually perform in beautiful Chitown!

in other news, the New York Metro Fest still stands at Oct 9-11 2020. Hoping for the best. Till then, please stay smart, stay safe and let's keep the numbers low enough to knock this virus out of the park.

Peace and Love,



Hello my friends!

Busy year is putting it mildly! I must thank all those who take the time to come to my solo gigs and keep the places happy! It's been a fruitful year in that sense.

Now, on to the Fest!  Celebrating my personal fave, Abbey Road will be performed by me and the boys in Liverpool in celebration of it's 50th anniversary!  Following our shows each night are a celeb lineup that cannot be missed!  Joining us onstage will be Steve Holley, Denny Laine, and Laurence Juber of Wings performing Macca's last Wings album BACK TO THE EGG! 

Also, I'm truly thrilled to have drummer Allan White of the group "YES", amongst others, who  will be joining us (along with sax man Mark Rivera of Billy Joel, Ringo Starr) to perform some songs he recorded with this guy named John Lennon....there's more but I guess you'll have to show to see for yourselves!

Peace and Love,


Busy Year Keeps On Keepin' On 2... 

Hey all!

It's been a fruitful year to say the least. The latest news that I'm now fulltime solo-pianomanning every THURSDAY  at the historically cool Rothmann's Steakhouse/Bar. A mostly classic rock crowd is not shy to sing along...then again, neither are the bartenders! Such a fun gig! 

           Also a pleasure to be performing at The Garden Grill in Smithtown on select dates with "Fast Lane's" own lead singer, Joe Sulluci for what has become BEATLE-NIGHT! Between the "two of us"...(had to do that!), there isn't a Beatle song we cannot do! So much fun I cannot say! 

           LIVERPOOL has put a 2018 wrap on featuring music from THE WHITE ALBUM amongst many more Beatle and solo Beatle classics. The Chicago Fest crowd were just on fire! Thank you drummer Joe Belia for the fantastic drumming and for being all smiles throughout the 3 shows!  It was a joy! 

And to the Fest For Beatles Fans audience...Thank you all for your enthusiasm, love, and support all these years . I feel this band is second to none and I am so proud of what we pull off as only a 4 piece act.          The 2019 Fests will be a new year of challenges, surprises already in the making...just for you all!

Its been a very busy and fruitful season with my comrades in the 10 piece party band Code Bleu! This band plays private affairs and is the best in the business!

So much more going on, I will do my best to keep you informed as I line things up...

Thanks for keeping live music a thing!

peace and love,


Busy Year Keeps On Keepin' On 

Hello Campers,

2018 has been a busy year which keeps getting busier. Much thanks to the locals who join me at my pianoman gigs in the NY metro area. It's truly an honor to perform for you all and your enthusiasm keeps me fresh!  The 2108 NY Metro Fest For Beatles Fans was such a thrill!  Joined by both Randy and Tal Bachman, Roy Orbison Jr and kin, Mr Neil Innis and crew rocked with us for some some Rutle-mania at both the Fest and The Cutting Room NYC shortly after. 

Now, just a few days away from three shows in Chicago, Liverpool is prepping to do a show to remember at the Fest For Beatles Fans.

Much more on the horizon to be announced shortly!  Thanks for visiting my site and check back periodically for updates....and join the mailing list so you don't miss the fun!   Looking forward to the opportunity to bring you more good times and  good music!

peace and love,


Thank You Chicago! 

Hi all. Flew back to NY last night, straight to two gigs and finally now, put my feet up. Here's a piece I posted to a Fest friend Julie that I decided to share about Chicago Fest 2017 that I would like to extend to all who shared the weekend with me, my family and bandmates from Liverpool. 
"I have to say that even my daughters rave about the kind and accepting nature of the fest crowd. Thanks for giving them a great reception at the Apple Jam stage in their second performance ever.  
This event is truly like no other and I feel so privileged  to perform for you all. I've had many a guest celeb tell me what a cool gig this is and asked to do it again."  
I'd also like to add a big thank you to Steve Holley for jumping in and working so hard to cover for Chris on drums. What a good guy!  
Also, many thanks to the other Wings players, Mark Hudson, Mark Rivera, and my dear Mr Innes (and Ken) for a wonderful time on and off stage!  
My friend Marc L Rubinstein for an amazing light effects production, my fav sound crew...Dave, Julian etc for going above and beyond and being great guys taboot, to Scott and security for keeping things safe, and to the "under the stairs players" ( you all so rock!), Dr Robert Wich For keeping the monkeys in a row, Show host Terri Hemmert for her words of wisdom,  
to Mark, Carol and the girls for being family and giving us this great opp,  
..and the young lady (whose name I never got) who was quietly playing Beatles on uke in a corner by herself, thanks for allowing me the chance to sing with you... 
To all my Fest friends, I love you all!  
peace and love, Drew