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Hello my friends!

Busy year is putting it mildly! I must thank all those who take the time to come to my solo gigs and keep the places happy! It's been a fruitful year in that sense.

Now, on to the Fest!  Celebrating my personal fave, Abbey Road will be performed by me and the boys in Liverpool in celebration of it's 50th anniversary!  Following our shows each night are a celeb lineup that cannot be missed!  Joining us onstage will be Steve Holley, Denny Laine, and Laurence Juber of Wings performing Macca's last Wings album BACK TO THE EGG! 

Also, I'm truly thrilled to have drummer Allan White of the group "YES", amongst others, who  will be joining us (along with sax man Mark Rivera of Billy Joel, Ringo Starr) to perform some songs he recorded with this guy named John Lennon....there's more but I guess you'll have to show to see for yourselves!

Peace and Love,


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