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is a life long musician who has devoted his life to his passion.  A New York native, his heart lies in live performance and studio production. His influences are a wide array of artists and musical styles. Some examples are classical (big Beethoven fan), blues (Billie Holiday, Bessie Smith), swing (Count Basie, Glenn Miller), to the great crooners (Sinatra, Bennett, Cole), but his heart lies in rock and roll.  From Elton to Joel, Nilsson to the Beatles, Bowie to Cooper, Keane to The Killers, so many rockers from 1955 to present find their place in his repertoire and catalogue..especially the Brits. Always open to new (or old) artists or other cultures musical styles, the list keeps growing along with his repetoire.

His fortune to work as musical director and musician with many artists he's admired over the years has made his experiences all the more worthwhile.

Original and Project-based Work

Drew's current singles "I THINK IT'S YOU and OK? OK!" are now available on this website.  His latest album "WHAT CAN I SAY?" is to be released date by September 2022.

The album features the extraordinary guitar work of Sir Monroe Quinn, a former band mate, bass work by THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS own Danny Weinkauf, and Jonny Quest drummer Fritz LoPicolo. The album is mixed down and mastered by WINGS guitarist Laurence Juber. Join the mailing list for updates!

Solo Work (Piano/Vocalist)
Drew's pianoman work has given him the opportunity to showcase a cross-section of music to audiences on a more personal level. His songlist of course covers much of the extensive catalogue of pianomen Elton John & Billy Joel.  But with virtually every musical genre he is equally at home. Big Band crooners to Pink Floyd are all game. Drew regularly plays dinner clubs or private affairs in numerous Long Island and metro New York establishments.

Liverpool (www.LiverpooltheBand.com)
Drew is one of the founding members of Liverpool, the house band for the national touring show The Fest For Beatles Fans (TheFest.com). They are a four piece, full production, musical tribute to the greatest rock and roll band, of all time, the Beatles. Drew is exceptionally proud of the musicianship in this band, not only in performing Beatles with no stone unturned, but as a four piece powerhouse in which Drew serves as Musical Director.  Liverpool has backed  numerous rock legends such as Billy Preston, Mickey Dolenz, Neil Innes, Denny Laine, Donovan, Peter Noone, Mark Hudson, Randy Bachman, John Sabastian, Yoko Ono, Alan Parsons and more... One of Drew's proudest moments with Liverpool was being the only group ever to perform numerous live performances nationally, backing up the late Harry Nilsson as well as having recorded with him on several occasions both personally and with the band.  A frequently requested complete list of artists Drew has worked with will be provided on this site as it develops.

Studio Session Work
As a studio session artist Drew has found the opportunity to use his flexible vocal styles in a cross-section of the pop-music scene.  Several songwriting groups specifically request his production, vocal, and keyboard work services to restructure and record songs who's finished products would be sold to artists and record labels.  Drew enjoys the challenge of singing many different vocal styles to accommodate each works genre.

Weddings/Corporate Work
Drew performs with East Coast Productions as a both singer and keybardist. He works in both full band and solo status.