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Hello My Lovlies!

Drew here with lot's of upcoming gigs, but I'll keep it brief. First, just a note so say how much I appreciate your kind words and support of me and the all lads and lassies in live performance!  On behalf of all my comrade working musicians and myself, Thank you!  Now, the events!

My band LIVERPOOL will be performing at the CHICAGO FEST FOR BEATLES FANS August 12, 13, 14! We will be performing the gamut of Beatle's catalogue and solo material as a 4 piece band all three nights!  The guest lineup we will be backing after our show is a lineup of Beatle related celebs you will not want to miss! That's going public shortly!

OOOH, DREWSONGS!  I'm also very HAPPY to be presenting the release of my nearly completed original album titled “WHAT CAN I SAY!?” More on that coming up shortly as well!

Solo Drew show's at @ Wild Ginger of Great Neck, NY and LOUIE'S PRIME of Port Washington, NY are a chance for me to dig deep with a cross section of rock and roll from the 50's - current. Hope you'll come and join me.

Also, I'm doing some RUBBER SOUL upcoming duo shows with the great and wonderful Joe Sallucci of Fast Lane fame. This night of mostly Beatles is a freeforall of requests and lots of digging deep into your box of 45 rpms!

EAST COAST BAND has me quite busy in weddings, corporate parties and club work! You might remember them as a premier horn based rock band through the 80's to current. Top notch players with great attitudes and track records to admire, these peeps are the best at what they do.

Again, I thank you so much for your support of live music (and original music…buy my record :)!!!

It's an honor to have you all as my audience whether it's local, national, international, or live stream!

peace and love,


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