Thanks to ALL the NY Fest 2015 Crowd March 20-22nd !

First and foremost, thank you all for such kind words about my show with Liverpool. They truly go above and beyond and I'm so glad to have the opportunity to work with them. You are all most kind!

I would like to thank the guests we backed at the end of our show. Gary Wright (Dream Weave, Love Is Alive) performed a previously unreleased song he cowrote with George Harrison titled "To Discover Yourself". What a treat to back this track with him. Wings guitarist Lawrence Juber played the lead as we backed Gary to "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"...need I say more. Lawrence also lead us with some McCartney faves he's known for such as Rockestra, Band On The Run, and his very British take on Jonny B. Goode!

Billy Joel saxman/Ringo Musical Director Mark Rivera was cool enough to actually join our set (a rare occurence for Liverpool) to adorn us with sax and percussion on various tunes, as well as having us back him from a lead track off of his new album Money, Money!...Killer track, killer album...PS. one of the coolest guys I've ever set foot on stage with.

Then came the big Jam with all the guests at the end led by the PsychOdelic wonder, Mark Hudson...Little Richard on steroids, which led the crowd out of their seats! kidding.

Mark Rubinstein with the Pig Light Show made us look magical...A craftsman in visual effects as you see from the pics.

Lastly, The staff at the Fest are family to me...nuf said.

Thank you all again for being such receptive fans, friends etc and we look forward to seeing you in Chicago in August!!...especially certain L.A. people we missed!!!
peace and love,

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