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RE: 2015 Chicago Fest For Beatles Fans...Thank You Chicago!

OK...Came back from Chicago and went straight to a showcase and haven't stopped since... So, here I am now getting a chance to reflect on the show and wanting to thank my mates in Liverpool, the friends, fans, fellow rockers, Mark, Carol and the Girls, the impeccable sound crew, incomparable Pig Light Show, Fest staffers and security...and...oh yeah!, The Beatles! for making those three nights unquestionably the most fantastic time and the best stage I could have the opportunity to perform on.

There were so many moments both on and off the stage I counted my blessings.
Thanks to The Mersey's Mr Kinsley for the opp to share a mic with a true Cavern rocker.
To the Holly's Terry Sylvester to perform all the classics...what a trip.  
To Lennon's Walls and Bridges saxman Ron Aprea, you absolutely ripped on our performance of "Whatever Gets You Through The Night". Your track record is a mile long and it was an honor to share the stage.
To Billy Joel/Ringo saxman, etc, Mark Rivera for once again adding spice to the Beatle classics, Savoy Truffle, Good Morning, Got To Get You...as well as your own Money, Money! I can't tell you what a pleasure it is to perform with such a consummate professional and humble soul. Anytime man!
To the Man of Colors, Hudson Bro, Ringo Roundhead and producer, singer, songwriter...etc, etc...Who can rock the stage like you do?...nuff said.

To Big D, Indiana's Guitar/vocalist's gift to the world for allowing me to join you on stage, To Annette for the peaceful Beatle Yoga experience in the middle of rocker chaos.., to Danny Donuts because because, to that guy who just had to buy me a coffee at Starbucks, to Scott for giving a hell of a solo Beatles obscurities performance, to the multiple Beatle jammers found in every crevice of the hotel, to all the people I took pictures with, to the thousands from all over the world who came to sing and dance in the audience like no others could. To all the Facebookers out there who shared kind words and pictures of our shows....
To my two beautiful daughters for being so supportive and patient in my absence...

THANK YOU all for sharing the love...
See you August 2016!
peace and love, Drew