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Busy Year Keeps On Keepin' On

Hello Campers,

2018 has been a busy year which keeps getting busier. Much thanks to the locals who join me at my pianoman gigs in the NY metro area. It's truly an honor to perform for you all and your enthusiasm keeps me fresh!  The 2108 NY Metro Fest For Beatles Fans was such a thrill!  Joined by both Randy and Tal Bachman, Roy Orbison Jr and kin, Mr Neil Innis and crew rocked with us for some some Rutle-mania at both the Fest and The Cutting Room NYC shortly after. 

Now, just a few days away from three shows in Chicago, Liverpool is prepping to do a show to remember at the Fest For Beatles Fans.

Much more on the horizon to be announced shortly!  Thanks for visiting my site and check back periodically for updates....and join the mailing list so you don't miss the fun!   Looking forward to the opportunity to bring you more good times and  good music!

peace and love,


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