Drew Hill is a New York-based keyboardist and singer.  He is a full time musician serving in many facets which include those of solo performance singer and pianist, guitarist, arranger, recording artist, studio musician, and virtual live performer.
Drew also serves as musical director for various artists, projects and concerts locally, nationally and abroad.  This website provides a brief insight to both those interested in reserving his services, inquiry of upcoming performances, and for those who want to keep up with his latest works.

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This song and it's story are a dedication and a gift to my CMU fans, friends, family who have tuned in and have thus far, shared the music, love and time together each Wednesday night. We are getting through this with some good times and hoping the new worldwide friends we've made will remain so in years to come. Let this song serve as a reminder of the silver linings in life.  Many thanks for guitarist Monroe Quinn for his masterful contribution taking the song to a new level.
Much love to you all and hope you like it.
peace and love,

Cheer Me Up Song Lyrics By Request!

Hello My Friends,

At your request, here are the song lyrics to "Cheer Me Up" performed on 10/28/20 on the Drew Hill Cheer Me Up songfest #32. Just click the links to view or download to the right and...sing along next time!  Your MP3 will be out shortly as a gift to all those who've shared the time here on Wednesday nights!

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Click Here to DOWNLOAD "Cheer Me Up" LYRICS (pdf) words and music by Drew Hill.
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Cheer Me Up 45rpm Tees

Cheer Me Up 45rpm Tees

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