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From the recordings Rainbows and Rainbows

Drew Hill - All Vocals, Multi-kybds, Music and Lyrics
Keith Hill - co-lyrics
Monroe Quinn - Electric/Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin
Freddy (Fritz) LoPiccolo – Drums
Danny Weinkauf – Bass
Karen (Fricke) Hill – Engineer, Production Assistant


Counting colors on her rainbows
When suddenly she finds herself alone with you
What on Earth you hoping to do
She's looking at rainbows
Then she turns to me and smiling
Quizzically she asks me if I see them too
Funny but my colors are few
She's looking at rainbows
La di da da da di da
La di da da da di da
La di da da da di da
La da da da da da

When I ask her what she's feeling
Without a word she dances to a ballet swoon
Am I the only rock in this room
She dances with rainbows
Conversating, contemplating
In a constant state of wonder
With no walls to tap her senses
While we're out here building fences
She's counting colors
Seemingly she is elusive
Drifting in and out it seems our words are few
What is it I'm trying to prove
She's happy with rainbows
When I press her for an answer
She pauses suddenly
She turns her gaze to me and smiles
Her lips move with a colorful style
Her words are like rainbows

She sees colors in the sky
Doesn't care or wonder why
All the people passing by don't see her at all
Ask her what she wants to do
Doesn't see your point of view
Is it me or is it you that's living this lie
La di da da da di da
La di da da da di da
La di da da da di da
La da da da di da

Maybe one day you'll see rainbows too