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Thank You Chicago!

Hi all. Flew back to NY last night, straight to two gigs and finally now, put my feet up. Here's a piece I posted to a Fest friend Julie that I decided to share about Chicago Fest 2017 that I would like to extend to all who shared the weekend with me, my family and bandmates from Liverpool. 
"I have to say that even my daughters rave about the kind and accepting nature of the fest crowd. Thanks for giving them a great reception at the Apple Jam stage in their second performance ever.  
This event is truly like no other and I feel so privileged  to perform for you all. I've had many a guest celeb tell me what a cool gig this is and asked to do it again."  
I'd also like to add a big thank you to Steve Holley for jumping in and working so hard to cover for Chris on drums. What a good guy!  
Also, many thanks to the other Wings players, Mark Hudson, Mark Rivera, and my dear Mr Innes (and Ken) for a wonderful time on and off stage!  
My friend Marc L Rubinstein for an amazing light effects production, my fav sound crew...Dave, Julian etc for going above and beyond and being great guys taboot, to Scott and security for keeping things safe, and to the "under the stairs players" ( you all so rock!), Dr Robert Wich For keeping the monkeys in a row, Show host Terri Hemmert for her words of wisdom,  
to Mark, Carol and the girls for being family and giving us this great opp,  
..and the young lady (whose name I never got) who was quietly playing Beatles on uke in a corner by herself, thanks for allowing me the chance to sing with you... 
To all my Fest friends, I love you all!  
peace and love, Drew

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