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Fest For Beatles Fans, Meadowlands, NJ

April 5-7 - Drew Performs with Liverpool and Guests. 2013 Fest For Beatles Fans, Meadowlands, NJ

Liverpool is pleased to perform once again for Beatles fans from across the world. If you've never been to a Fest, grab your acoustic, leave your suit and tie behind, and join thousands for a weekend of the best rock and roll possible.  Liverpool highlights each of three nights with a full spectrum concert covering all periods of the Beatles music.  No wigs, no accents, just music played to the coolest and most enthusiastic crowds ever!

This year following our show, we also have the honor of backing up singer Peter Noone (Herman's Hermits), legendary saxman Tom Scott, Hudson Brother/Ringo producer/ultimate rocker Mark Hudson, and who knows who else might hit the stage!

PS- Word just in that drummer Liberty Devitto, prominently known for his work on a million Billy Joel tracks will be joining us for the Sunday night Liverpool performance!

Fab baby!  seeya there...peace, D

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