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Busy Year Keeps On Keepin' On 2...

Hey all!

It's been a fruitful year to say the least. The latest news that I'm now fulltime solo-pianomanning every THURSDAY  at the historically cool Rothmann's Steakhouse/Bar. A mostly classic rock crowd is not shy to sing along...then again, neither are the bartenders! Such a fun gig! 

           Also a pleasure to be performing at The Garden Grill in Smithtown on select dates with "Fast Lane's" own lead singer, Joe Sulluci for what has become BEATLE-NIGHT! Between the "two of us"...(had to do that!), there isn't a Beatle song we cannot do! So much fun I cannot say! 

           LIVERPOOL has put a 2018 wrap on featuring music from THE WHITE ALBUM amongst many more Beatle and solo Beatle classics. The Chicago Fest crowd were just on fire! Thank you drummer Joe Belia for the fantastic drumming and for being all smiles throughout the 3 shows!  It was a joy! 

And to the Fest For Beatles Fans audience...Thank you all for your enthusiasm, love, and support all these years . I feel this band is second to none and I am so proud of what we pull off as only a 4 piece act.          The 2019 Fests will be a new year of challenges, surprises already in the making...just for you all!

Its been a very busy and fruitful season with my comrades in the 10 piece party band Code Bleu! This band plays private affairs and is the best in the business!

So much more going on, I will do my best to keep you informed as I line things up...

Thanks for keeping live music a thing!

peace and love,


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