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Re: Chicago Fest... One word, Electric!!!

 In reflection, I cannot recall a more energetic show than this last one in Chicago! There just seemed to be a universal buzz amongst the crowd. All three shows were a genuine rock 'n roll experience! The band were on their mark! I couldn't have been more proud to work with these guys!! To all those Fans and friends, old and new, two came to cheer us on, thank you so much for the kind words and the opportunity to share such a great spirit. Your energy was exceptional and we genuinely appreciate it.

Also, many thanks to the organizers Of Comicon/Chicago who were across the street At the Rosemont Convention Center.. And to the Fest official yoga instructor Natale for offering preshow peace of mind and clarity! It did wonders!!!

Lastly, we'd like to think Joey Molland of the group Badfinger for rocking this clambake beyond imagination with us. Please check out his latest album, "Back to Memphis" online. I personally was blown away with the tracks. It was a privilege to debut one of them with him. Also many thanks to Billy J. Kramer, Mark Hudson, Chad and Jeremy, Chas Newbey, And last but not least Greg Kihn for the opportunity to perform with them! Yeah Greg, they don't write 'em like that anymore! :-) Of course we cannot forget the Lapidos family for providing us with this opportunity. We love you all.

Again, thanks to all who made this a most memorable experience. Period. And thank you for sporting life music! Peace and love, Drew

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