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Re: Liverpool Opens For The BEACHBOYS!!!

 Just a quick note to say that I can't recall having met a nicer band than the Beachboys! My band Liverpool had the privilege of opening for this Great American icon to a sold-out crowd at a baseball stadium in…Read more

Re: Chicago Fest... One word, Electric!!!

 In reflection, I cannot recall a more energetic show than this last one in Chicago! There just seemed to be a universal buzz amongst the crowd. All three shows were a genuine rock 'n roll experience! The band were on…Read more

Opening band for the BEACHBOYS

Just catching my breath from the Chicago Fest...more on that when I get some sleep...but this coming Weds Aug 14 me and the boys in our band Liverpool will be the opening band for one of the greatest American rock…Read more

Fest For Beatles Fans, Meadowlands, NJ

April 5-7 - Drew Performs with Liverpool and Guests. 2013 Fest For Beatles Fans, Meadowlands, NJ

Liverpool is pleased to perform once again for Beatles fans from across the world. If you've never been to a Fest, grab your acoustic…

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