Los Angeles 2014...Looking back...

It was so good to be back in Los Angeles for the Fest and to see all those long lost friends.  The show was star-studded and gave Liverpool a really enjoyable experience yet again. It was a really amazing experience to work with  members of Wings (Denny Laine, Denny Seiwell, and Lawrence Juber) performing some of Denny Laine's and Paul's tracks. Joey from Badfinger is just like a bandmate when you work with him...no kidding. That band did some of my favorite songs of all time. By the way, his new album is killer. Mark Rivera (sax for Joel, Ringo...and everybody else I've ever admired :)) was typically brilliant and one of the warmest people I know. Billy J Kramer killed the crowd jumping off stage to go across the room. Lastly, but not leastly, rock and roll is rounded out by Mark Hudson who is the musical lovechild of Little Richard mixed with all three Marx Brothers. This guy rocks like nobody and led an allstar jam at the end that went to the wee hours...
And to my bandmates in Liverpool, one of the best shows we've played. It's an honor to work with such a combination of talent!!! Many thanks for Benny jumping in for Glen and doing a spot on job! The crowd loved you...as did we.
Thank you all again for your kind words, support, and love!!!

See you all in NY 2015!
Peace and Love,

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